Eve’s book

Eve’s well-regarded book on the breed is out of print, but copies can still be found on Amazon.

Front cover of book: Irish Setters Today by Eve Gardner

Irish Setters Today by Eve Gardner

Back cover of Irish Setters Today by Eve Gardner

Back cover of Irish Setters Today by Eve Gardner

Here’s what two of the reviews say:

This is one of the best books I have ever read about the irish setter. From a short history of the breed to showing, breeding and raising you own, it is packed with plenty of practical advice and is geared to the UK scene. The author is a well known breeder and judge of setters.

What an informative, enjoyable read! Eve’s expertise in the breed shines through in all aspects of this book, from the acquisition of a promising show puppy, to feeding, breeding, health and coat care. A detailed section on showing explains the UK challenge certificate system, and an excellent comparision between the UK and USA standards offers the reader a broad description of the breed.
Eve’s decision to fill the book full of personal insights and experiences offers the reader a very detailed and emotive look into life with an Irish Setter. Her love of the breed is genuine, and comes across clearly at all times, particularly in the small but heart-wrenching section entitled, “At the End of the Day.”
The photos are beautiful, and capture the breed from many angles.
There is a detailed section on the training of the Setter in the field, which should be fascinating even to those who have no intention of ever hunting their dogs.
This book has become one of my favourites, and is a must-have for any serious enthusiast of the breed.