Carnbargus at work

Over the years, I have been particularly pleased by the working ability in my show-bred Irish. A number of them spent useful lives as working gundogs and others won awards in competition:

In 1989, my own Ch. Carnbargus Cashmere qualified in the field, trained and handled by Colin Organ.

Irish Setter Ch. Carnbargus Cashmere

Ch. Carnbargus Cashmere is nearly twelve in this picture

Her litter brother, Int.Ch. Carnbargus Harris Tweed, qualified in Germany.

Int. Ch. Carnbargus Come Back not only gained his qualifier and was placed in competition, but he spent his long life as a working gundog.

Working gundog, Irish Setter "Twinnie" - Int.Ch.Carnbargus Come Back

Working gundog, “Twinnie” – Int.Ch.Carnbargus Come Back

However, the award for the most successful worker must go to Int.Ger.Ch. Carnbargus Contentment. She won a field trial run over two days when she had to hunt, point and retrieve. Probably not to the purists’ tastes in this country!¬†During her time back in the UK, she also won a Res CC.

Lizzie - Int.Ger.Ch. Carnbargus Contentment, a very successful working Irish Setter

“Lizzie” Int.Ger.Ch. Carnbargus Contentment – a very successful working Irish Setter