Welcome to the home of Carnbargus Irish Setters.

4 generations of Carnbargus Irish Setters at home in their garden

4 generations of Carnbargus Irish Setters at home in their garden

Carnbargus Irish Setters come from a long established line, originally descended from the famous Hartsbournes in the 1960s.  Over the years, I have concentrated on certain qualities  and have used not only some of the important stud dogs in the breed but also sires with the right pedigree to achieve my aim.  However, breeding healthy dogs that are fit for function has always been my most important goal and many Carnbargus Irish have lived remarkably long and healthy lives.

Right from the start, my dogs have been x-rayed and hip scored and have had all available DNA tests. In fact, Sh.Ch. Carnbargus Continuity’s litter by Sh.Ch. Caspians Intrepid, born in 1999, was the first litter from this country to have been DNA tested for CLAD in Sweden.

Primarily, my dogs are pets that I happen to show! They share my home and are very much part of my life. I only breed an occasional litter to ensure the next generation at Carnbargus.

I have awarded challenge certificates since 1977 and have had many memorable judging appointments both here and abroad and judged Irish Setter bitches at Crufts in 1988.

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